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Moving my blog

I’m now going to be posting here: Marcel’s new blogger blog

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I've been quiet lately

I’ve got a few things on the go though: I’m nearly finished a complete rebuild of my website – yay! – I’ve been feeling pretty unproductive while I’ve been working on this one, but it really needed to happen. I’ve rebuilt it so the artwork is searchable and so that it’s much easier for me to upload and edit my artwork, which should make it a much easier to use and enjoyable platform for people who follow my work. Also, my wife is preggers (first one!) and I’m desperately trying to win the battle with the wallpaper and paint in...

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Photos from 'near | far | big | small'

The show is up, and the gallery did a great job of hanging it. Here are some photos of the show:

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near | far | big | small

Here’s the blurb I submitted to Arts on King for the gallery guide (I can’t remember what the name of it is, unfortunately): near | far | big | small – paintings by Marcel Guldemond – Mr. BigNose, who knows, had a look and said “Put aside postulations, explorifications, influentialities, and concept-a-thingies, and what we have here is -” … “ – is a super swell collection of canadianic paintings!” interrupted Mr. Happenstance. “Quite right.” said Mr. BigNose. After writing that, I decided I’d better do some paintings of Mr. Bignose and Mr. Happenstance, so I did and here’s a...

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Arts on King in Toronto, plywood windows and all

Hi Everyone, This is a quick reminder that I will be showing paintings at Arts on King in Toronto for the month of September. The gallery is still open, despite the fact that a cab recently jumped the sidewalk and went through the front of the store! (No one was hurt, fortunately) So now they have plywood up in place of some of the windows, but they are still open, which I’m very glad about. The show is called “near | far | big | small”, and virtually all of the pieces are new for this year, and quite a...

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