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Arts on King in Toronto, plywood windows and all

Hi Everyone,

This is a quick reminder that I will be showing paintings at Arts on King in Toronto for the month of September. The gallery is still open, despite the fact that a cab recently jumped the sidewalk and went through the front of the store! (No one was hurt, fortunately) So now they have plywood up in place of some of the windows, but they are still open, which I’m very glad about.

The show is called “near | far | big | small”, and virtually all of the pieces are new for this year, and quite a few are new since my last shows in July, so they’ve never been shown in public before.

The show opens on Saturday, September 5th, and I’ll be at the gallery from 1-4pm. If you’re in the area, please drop by and say hello.

Here’s the contact info:
Arts On King
165 King E
Toronto, ON M5A 1J4
(416) 777-9701

Here’s a snapshot of the corners of a couple of the new paintings:


Marcel Guldemond

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