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I've been quiet lately

I’ve got a few things on the go though: I’m nearly finished a complete rebuild of my website – yay! – I’ve been feeling pretty unproductive while I’ve been working on this one, but it really needed to happen. I’ve rebuilt it so the artwork is searchable and so that it’s much easier for me to upload and edit my artwork, which should make it a much easier to use and enjoyable platform for people who follow my work.

Also, my wife is preggers (first one!) and I’m desperately trying to win the battle with the wallpaper and paint in the nursery. Currently I’m losing. It’s an old house and there was commercial variety vinyl wallpaper on there previously, and a nice layer of 100 year old lead based paint underneath. I’ve resorted to commercial strength glue to attach the blank paintable wallpaper. There’s also the pressing fixits on the house before winter sets in, such as trying to get a new furnace.

And then finally, I have a nice hockey painting commission that I’m working on. I’ll post that image once it’s been delivered.

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