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Merging websites

I’m removing my recent events/news page from my site in favour of the Shopify blog….

Recent News and Events. Presented in a rather messy and unfortunately unchronological fashion. (hence the switch to shopify blog)


The Great Big Smalls Show – cube gallery – Dec. 3-23, 2005 – Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

This show went really well. The cube gallery did a great job. There were over 40 artists represented and turnout to the show has been really good.

expozine – small press and zine show – Nov. 26, 2005 – Montreal, Quebec, Canada

expozine was even better this year than it was last year. A great show to go to. Great turnout, a lot of great stuff to look at and browse through, and it’s in Montreal.

Creativity – Christmas Gift Show – Nov. 18-20, 2005 – Kingston – Ontario, Canada

Creativity was a much smaller show than I had been expecting. There weren’t very many vendors and the turnout wasn’t that great. Despite that, I had a good time visiting Kingston and got quite a lot of positive response to the paintings.


Marcel Guldemond will be a guest at the Toronto Comic Arts Festival on May 28 and 29. TCAF is going to be a fantastic European style arts festival, with a huge number of events, readings, gallery shows, academic presentations and very talented comic book creators. Guldemond will be debuting a pair of new mini-comics. More information can be found here.

Toronto Comic Arts Festival – May 28, 29, 2005 – Honest Ed’s Alley, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

The Toronto Comic Arts Festival went really really well, althought the weather was a little suspect, as it changed back and forth between sunny and nice to windy and rainy a number of times. Despite this, the turnout was fantastic and there was a constant stream of people coming to check out all the great comics and artists, which was wonderful to see. Peter and Chris at The Beguiling did an awesome job putting this together, and although I know it was a huge amount of work, I really hope they can do it again next year. I wish I had pictures but of course I forgot the camera.

ART IN THE PARK, Ottawa, Ontario, June 4 and 5, 2005

Marcel Guldemond will be exhibiting at Art in the Park, at the Central Park in Ottawa. Marcel will be exhibiting dozens of new paintings, all of which are very good and also very affordable. Some of them can be previewed in the catalogue section of Aporia site, and more will be added in the near future, but to see all of them you’ll have to make it out to the show. More information can be found here.


Art in the Park – June 4, 5, 2005 – Central Park in Ottawa

Art in the Park was a big arts and crafts festival held in a park near downtown Ottawa. There were between 100 and 200 exhibitors spread throughout the park. The weather turned out perfectly, as the forecasted thunder storms stayed away. It may have even been too hot for many of the recently thawed out and quickly sun-burned Ottawa residents. However, despite the heat, the event had a great turn out. Many people responded very favourably to the new art by aporia mini-paintings. I’ve included some photos here:

The view of my booth from the west side.

Some of the brand new paintings. click here

Some more of the new paintings.


Lincoln Benchmarks in Beamsville, Ontario, December 4th and 5th, 2004

Marcel Guldemond will be the guest artist at the studios of Artifice for the studio tour known as Lincoln Benchmarks, and will be displaying a series of new paintings, as well as his comic book work. There will be a lot of good art at the various studios, and two nearby wineries are launching new wines on the same weekend, so there will also be good wine to sample as well.

EXPOZINE in Montreal, November 28, 2004

Aporia Press will be at the small press, zine and comic show in Montreal called Expozine! It’s a one-day show full of lots of good stuff. More info can be found here:

New: mini-comics! (2004)

summertime and underpainting are two new brand new mini-comics, and will be available at MoCCA.

dot dot dot is the most recent book by Marcel Guldemond, published by Aporia Press and by Cyberosia, and it has been reprinted and can be ordered through this website. Details about the book here

Sometime in the future: dot dot dot number two

Much of the artwork is done, it’s only a matter of getting the publishing together for the next collection of short stories. Although most of the work is available with a subscription to, the stories impart a different experience when read from physical book. Sign up for email updates to find out when the new book will be available.


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