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November News

here’s a quick update about some of my current artistic goings-on:

brainmade handworks
The collaborative artworks that I did with Floyd Elzinga of artifice ( will be at Floyd’s booth (K-36) at the One of a Kind Show in Toronto after this Saturday. Floyd will have a booth full of his very cool metal wall sculptures, so if you don’t see the collaborations on display and you would like to have a look, please ask Floyd and he’ll be able to help you out. The pieces will also be at Floyd’s Open Studio in Beamsville, Ontario on Saturday, December 8, so you can see them there as well. Photos of the pieces posted here.

Great Big Smalls III
I will have some of my mini-paintings at the Cube Gallery in Ottawa for their annual Christmas show Nov. 29 – Dec.23. ( Check their website for details. The openings are always a great party if you can make it out.

small gets bigger
I’ve been working on a pretty small scale for the last few years with the mini-paintings and I’ve done upwards of 370 of them so far. This fall, however, I decided to mix it up a bit and I’ve started a series of full sized plywood paintings. They’re looking great so far, and I hope they survive the creation process. For larger pieces the process can be a lot like a road trip: it starts out great but eventually everyone ends up tired, smelly, over-caffeinated and in a state somewhere between irritated and homicidal. Unfortunately, the main drawback of doing larger work is that I’m probably going to be short on mini-paintings until the spring or summer.

Web site update (finally)
  • I’ve done some cleaning up on the website, removing some old things and adding some new things:
  • new autumn mini-paintings
  • Northern Basserel’, which is a large painting with a bit of a comic book feel to it that I did earlier this year.
  • a new series of paintings that I’m currently calling ‘flatland people-scapes’. They’re very different than the mini-paintings in terms of the subject matter, and seem to have more in common with the kind of work I did when I was much younger. Check out how history repeats itself

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