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Art in the Park - the weather takes a down turn

Yes, this always seems to happen. Or it’s at least the trend that seems to stick in my mind: the weather forecast looks great for an outdoor show that I’m doing up until 3 days beforehand, at which point it switches to cold and raining. I suppose nothing can be as bad as last year’s weather for Art in the Park, when it was dark and 8C and pouring rain. Amazingly enough, despite the miserable weather, people still came out to browse the art.

This year it doesn’t look quite so bad for this coming weekend, so hopefully it will turn out all right. Oh yeah, I should mention that Art in the Park is this weekend, an I have a lot of great new paintings that I’ll be showing there. More info at

I’m not in the artist directory because I decided not to pay for it this year. I payed for it last year and as far as I know there was no artist directory. This year my location is B30. At least I think it is. Maybe I’ll double check that when I can find my info.

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