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"wrist slittingly depressing"

My wife just showed me this article a few days ago about the rapid and dangerous build up of plastics in the environment.

Every time I read one of these articles about environmental destruction, and I do all the time, I have what I assume is the natural human reaction, which is to get completely depressed about how badly human kind has “bitch-slapped the planet”, and then that feeling gets mingled with a competing sense of admiration for all the scientists and activists who get up everyday and do something about it, knowing full well how hopeless it all seems. They don’t make the headlines too often, but they’re there. And we can help them, even if donating some money is a lame/lazy way to help, because the internet makes it so easy. Sure, there’s guilt involved, but if you’re going to feel guilty anyway, then why not channel some of it into helping people who are working to make a difference?

Here’s the article:
sea of plastic

For daily news about climate change (most of it depressing):

Maybe that’s the hardest part about this internet age: how does the average person avoid becoming a clinical basket case with the absolute daily flood of news about how greed, corruption, sheer blind stupidity, and the irresistable force of the (justifiable) desire of all human beings to want to have at least a half decent life are leading us to a precipice of environmental destruction that is going to make the 1930’s and 1940’s look like a cake walk? I suppose most first world people deal with it with a healthy dose of denial and forgetfulness. Otherwise, how do you remember to see that world is a constant beautiful shimmering display of the cosmic soul? You might remember on a sunny day when you hear a bird in the trees, but then you remember that the populations of many birds are plummeting at a truly alarming rate? That’s a hard one that I’ve been thinking about a lot lately.

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