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what is it about work

I thought it would be easy to sneak in some blog writing while at work. I suppose it might be possible if I worked at a fun and interesting place, but I don’t. It’s kind of the opposite. So, it turns out that I have no motivation to write anything at all while I’m at work. I tried, but I only got as far as thinking ‘I should write a blog now’. That thought died when the rest of me said ‘No way, that’s way too hard and you’re screwed if you get caught.’ When my brain is in survive-at-work mode, I can’t break out and be creative at all. I used to try to read things during my lunch breaks. Now I pretty much don’t read at all. Except for sports news on the internet. Oh and climate change news too. I’ve become sort of addicted to that. (

Anyway, my brain cell was at work all day and now it’s pretty much had it with me…

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