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Aporia Press website update & upcoming shows

(This is the same as an email sent out to the Aporia Press mailing list. If you’d like to sign up for the list go to the Aporia web site )

Holy Shamoly! The perpetually unfiinished Aporia Press website update is actually finally finished. Well, at least for now. I started it in the summer and have only just now managed to finish it, and then only with help from my very patient spouse,Vicky.

First, we’ve moved the mini-posters, mini-comics and shirts over to the Aporia Shopify site. Shopify is a very good build-your-own-online-shop web site developed by some good friends. Check it out at You can find out more about Shopify at The shirts section also includes the new colour shirt designs, so please check them out if you get a chance.

Second, we’ve finally added a section for the large paintings. (click on ‘art’ and then on ‘paintings and other art’) This includes many of the never-before-seen-on-the-internet older paintings from the 90s, as well as some examples of the thesaurus paintings. It also includes the recent nocturne paintings that were on display at the cube gallery in Ottawa in May.

Third, we’ve added a whole pile of small-scale paintings to the catalogue section, which basically includes all the new ones from 2006. There are new canoes, new trees, new dinosaurs, new autumn paintings and even some very recently finished winter landscapes.

Finally, I’ve started two blogs on the Aporia Shopify site as well. There’s the main one where I’ll use my short attention span to blather on about a random range of topics, including Aporia Press news, and there’s also the sketches blog where I’ll be posting scans and photos from the studio. And that’s just the web update!

Currently, I have a number of my small scale paintings on display at the IPO Gallery They’ll be up there until November 17, and it’s located at 110 O’Connor St. in Ottawa.

I also have a brand new piece (just finished on Monday night) up at the cube gallery, which is having their anniversary group show, which is called
‘quadratic’. The piece is called ‘cube-arific’ and and it isn’t a painting and it isn’t a comic book but it’s still pretty cool. It is a bit of a departure from what I normally do, so if you can’t make it to the show, I’ll hopefully be able to post some photos at some point in the future.

Upcoming: I will also have a collection of paintings at the cube’s greatly anticipated second ‘great big smalls’ show which opens December 1. I’ll have a whole bunch of new paintings that I’ve done this fall and a number of barely dry paintings that I’m still working on. If you’re in Ottawa please come down and check out the paintings either at the IPO or the cube gallery.

After that, it’ll be winter and I’ll hopefully be working on some more new and interesting projects, but what those are my attention span hasn’t figured out yet, so I’ll have to send out another update in the winter when I figure it out.

Finally, I’ve recently heard a rumour that might come back from the grave. Hopefully it does and hopefully I’ll be able to start posting new ‘dot dot dot’ comics again.


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