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December News Flash - Rumours and More

December’s here and it’s finally cold. Soon, I won’t just be making paintings about outdoor hockey, I’ll be playing it. Woohoo! There’s nothing like a good game of shinny on a sunny day in January.

Anyway, speaking of hockey paintings, the Great Big Smalls Show II opened last Friday at the cube gallery The opening was a good party, as always. I was worried about there being too many people there, but fortunately the weather was crappy with the first winter storm of the season and it was only pleasantly crowded, as opposed to its-way-too-hot-and-sweaty-and-I-cant-see-the-freakin-art crowded. Actually, who am I kidding, you always want an absurd amount of people to come to the opening, even if it is counter-productive. Anyway, this year’s show is even better than last year’s, with more artists and better art.

Also, the rumour about the revival of ‘dot dot dot’ is going to become a reality. Sometime this month I’ll once again be posting comics at recently reborn I’m very excited about it because it’s a good way for me to keep a foot in the comics world.

-Just finished – the IPO gallery I had a bunch of my small-scale paintings up at this gallery in downtown Ottawa. The paintings went over very well, and I sold a bunch of them. If they keep selling like that I might actually be able to think about leaving the day job sometime…

-Also just finished – the cube gallery’s ‘quadratic’ show – this was their one year anniversary show and it was full of pieces by scores of artists about cubes and rectangles. You might think that would be terribly boring, but it wasn’t and there was a lot of good art there. I managed to do a piece called ‘cube-arific’. I say ‘managed’ because I kind of pushed it until the last minute. My spouse and my mother-in-law didn’t think I was going to get it done on time, and quite frankly I wasn’t so sure myself. However, I managed to pull something out and got the piece together at the last second in a frantic mailstorm of desperation. I had the idea for the piece some months ago, but most of my spare time went to a comic book project over the fall, and ‘cube-arific’ ended up arriving at the gallery at 11:30 pm the night before the show opened.

The piece is a lot of fun, being a fusion of indie-comics and and gallery art, and we were pretty excited about hanging it up in our house. Unfortunately, somebody went and bought it, so we got to see it for all of 20 minutes. Here’s a photo of the piece:


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